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After being gone for about three weeks im back.  The end of this semester has been by far the most busy i have ever experienced but its over, finally.  

Thanks for all of the comments i have recieved in the past weeks and sorry i have not been able to respond.  Also thanks so much to my new friends that have added me to their watch lists!

To celebrate check out my new deviation here…

I normaly would not be so desperate as to actually ask for help but i am going crazy here people.

no matter how hard i try vray will not let me save the z buffer.  let me try and explain.

1.  if i use the 3dsmax frame buffer (still rendering in vray) it renders the z buffer, i can see it. but if i try to save it i either only get black or the regular rgb render.

2.  if i use the vray frame buffer i can again see the z buffer (except it has this wild circular zebra pattern) but when i try to save it the resulting file is just black.

i have scowered the internet but it seems as though everyone thinks it is the easiest thing so there are no real descriptions on how to retrieve the z buffer information.

if you read this and feel sorry for me please help!! i would greatly appreciate it.

newb :(